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Whoopi Goldberg: I didn’t work for five years after I mocked Bush

The actress said she lost her ability to make money.


Whoopi Goldberg (PA)

Whoopi Goldberg (PA)

Whoopi Goldberg (PA)

Whoopi Goldberg has said she “lost everything” after she made jokes about President George W Bush in 2004.

The Sister Act star said she missed out on jobs and lost endorsements after she mocked the then-president at a Democratic fundraiser in New York.

Speaking to Drew Barrymore in her new digital series The Art Of The Interview, she said: “Listen, I got very, very lucky because I got into some trouble where I pissed off a politician and then I lost everything really.

“I lost my ability to make a living, I lost any kind of things that I had going on that would bring money in, so I didn’t work for five years.”

However, she said broadcaster Barbara Walters helped her land her current job on US talk show The View.

She said: “Barbara Walters, God bless her, said, ‘I need another person. Would you ever consider?’ And I was like, ‘Yes’. Because I had gone through all of my savings.

“You know, taking care of your family, everything is sitting on you. And so, I went through everything and she gave me a job which has lasted 10 years now and I’m really grateful for.”