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Wiig: Girl Most Likely not comedy

Kirsten Wiig has said her latest film, Girl Most Likely, is not just a comedy.

The indie film, co-starring Annette Bening, Matt Dillon and Glee's Darren Criss, sees Kristen play a flop New York playwright trying to cope with her failure, and leads to her attempting suicide.

Kristen told the Wall Street Journal at a screening in New York: "I never really describe it as a comedy. There are funny moments but for the most part it's just a real, touching story about someone trying to find her life and get over a bad break-up."

The star of Bridesmaids and Saturday Night Live previously showed her serious side in last year's Friends With Kids, as a wife and mother whose marriage was falling apart.

Kristen was also an executive producer on the project. She told The Hollywood Reporter what makes her decide to take on both roles.

She revealed: "It all starts with the script, if it's something that I really relate to or read it, and I just fall in love with it. And sometimes when there are smaller movies, you have to get on board and try to get financing, maybe you're the first to read it and no other cast members are on board yet, you're sort of involved in the developing of the film."


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