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Wilde: Rush not just for the boys

Olivia Wilde has said that Rush is not just a racing film for the boys, because it also captures the romance between James Hunt and Suzy Miller.

The Tron: Legacy star portrays 'it' girl Suzy, who falls for Formula One racer James in Ron Howard's film, which follows the real-life rivalry between racing sensations Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and James (Chris Hemsworth).

"James and Suzy had this incredibly passionate tumultuous relationship. I was really moved when I saw the final product because you really get the sense that James' heartbreak over Suzy really pushed him over the edge," she said.

"I've been really trying to remind female viewers that Rush is not just a boys' racing film," the American actress added.

Olivia - who recently promoted Paul Haggis' drama Third Person at the Toronto Film Festival - revealed she worked hard to perfect her English accent.

"My dad's whole family have an English accent and I spend a lot of time here and in Ireland. It also helped that I was surrounded by an English crew," said the 29-year-old.

"My proudest moment during filming was when I yelled something across the set to Ron that was in my accent, and one of the crew members said, 'Wait, you're American?' I thought, well that's a good sign!"

She admitted there was a sense of responsibility to playing a real-life person.

"It's interesting playing somebody who is still alive because you do want to do their story justice. With this role, I didn't intend to do an impression of Suzy. I had a bit more freedom to introduce her to people and to interpret her the way I felt was appropriate for the scenes. I really wanted to show that they were in love," she said.

:: Rush is in cinemas now.


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