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Will Forte reveals beard troubles

Will Forte has revealed his insecurities about the large, bushy beard he is growing for his latest role.

The Nebraska star is cultivating the facial hair for his part in TV show The Last Man On Earth and he is still getting used to his new look.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Film Festival, at the world premiere of his new movie Trouble Dolls, Will said: "This is probably the halfway point of where I'm hoping it gets but I've realised it starts out growing down but it grows out as much as down. I will look like one of those old-timey guys with bits growing out the side so that is exciting.

"It's weird and I definitely need to purchase some Just for Men for beards."

In Trouble Dolls, Will stars opposite Jess Weixler and Jennifer Prediger, who also wrote and directed the movie, a comedy about two co-dependent friends who pack up their lives in New York to move to Los Angeles.

He added: "The script is so fun and bizarre in a delightful way, I'm excited to see it because it seemed like such a fun movie and I bet there is a lot of stuff that wasn't on the page that made it in."

The movie also stars Will And Grace alumni Megan Mullally as a reality TV show judge who takes a liking to one of the girls.

Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor and N Sync singer Lance Bass also star.


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