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Williams: Murray's very attractive

Olivia Williams has confessed she used to have a crush on her Hyde Park On Hudson co-star Bill Murray.

The pair play US president Franklin D Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor in the upcoming film - and Olivia revealed she finds the veteran actor very handsome.

"I made a film with him 10 years ago, Rushmore, so I have been through the first round of fear and a crush and that sort of cycle. He's a very attractive man," she admitted.

"But now we're like a couple of old warriors, we squabble like Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray, we're the odd couple."

And Olivia said she enjoyed not worrying about her appearance on the set of the new movie, about the love affair between Roosevelt and his distant cousin Margaret Stuckley.

"There's a moment in the morning where I'm getting dressed in my trailer and I sort of shimmy into my fat suit and try and do my back suspenders up and I think, 'This is not a winner, this look'.

"But you go out there and Laura Linney's looking gorgeous and Elizabeth Marvel's looking gorgeous and they're the ones who are s****ing my husband, there's something very freeing about just having the freedom to behave any way when you're the least attractive woman in the room. And I think Eleanor had it, she was like, 'Don't care'."


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