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Williams stood up to Schwarzenegger

Olivia Williams has revealed she debated politics with Arnold Schwarzenegger when they worked together on action movie Sabotage.

The Anna Karenina star admitted her left-wing politics clashed with those of the conservative former Governor of California, but she wasn't afraid to argue with the Terminator.

Olivia insisted: "He and I got on very well. I went in there with a lot of left-wing politics and feminist and green soap boxes to stand on, and he met me on the soap box and we had some very good conversations.

"Yes, we exchanged a couple of strongly held views, but we got on very well."

The British actress - who voices the Queen in new animation Justin And The Knights Of Valour - also recently worked with director David Cronenberg on his new film Map To The Stars, also starring Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska.

Olivia said of Cronenberg: "You'd think from his body of work that he might be a slightly creepy person who you wouldn't want to spend a lot of time with... but he's the nicest man in the world. Funny, ironic, very gentle... his set was a beautiful place to work. It was very creative, and sort of like a Zen monastery - after most films set having people shouting, 'We've got to get the light', and, 'Try that again!'

"He knows exactly what he wants and I really liked him very much."


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