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Willis: I need my family with me

Bruce Willis has confessed he is "impossible" to work with if he does not have his family on set with him.

The 58-year-old actor and his model wife Emma Heming welcomed baby daughter Mabel last year, the actor's fourth child.

Willis said of his work: "I'm fortunate in that I get to bring my family with me when I travel. And it would be impossible, impossibly unbearable for anyone I was working with if I didn't have my family with me. I would just be moaning about that. I have a little baby, and I like to hang out with her everyday."

He joined co-stars Dame Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker for a boat trip on the Thames to launch action comedy sequel Red 2, ahead of the UK premiere in London's Leicester Square.

The comic book movie is about a team of retired assassins and boasts an all-star cast including John Malkovich, Catherine Zeta Jones, Lee Byung-hun and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Meanwhile, Oscar-winner Dame Helen confessed she had had her doubts about starring in the first installment of the blockbuster franchise in 2010, as she worried people might think she had "sold out".

The Queen star said: "I was a little bit, 'Ooh, are people going to think I've sold out?' Quite honestly, I thought people would think I had sold out in a way.

"And then I realised how stupid I was and what an incredible opportunity it was to do something I'd never done before. And once I'd decided that I was very excited and just loved every mniute. And I couldn't wait to come back for the second time around."

She added: "When the penny dropped I realised it was a perfect opportunity for me to mix it up. I was just coming off doing The Queen and it was a brilliant jump in the opposite direction, but honestly just pure luck that I was asked to do it."


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