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Winona Ryder set for Beetlejuice 2

Tim Burton has confirmed that the long-awaited Beetlejuice sequel is going ahead - and that Winona Ryder is on board.

A follow-up to the 1988 movie about a dead couple trying to rid their house of its new owners has been in the pipeline for some time, and filmmaker Tim has now revealed to MTV that plans are gathering force.

Asked if he would be directing the sequel, he replied: "Oh yeah."

And quizzed about whether Winona - who played teen Lydia Deetz - would be back, he said: "Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Yeah yeah, oh yeah."

Tim hinted that the plans started heating up when he worked with the actress on a music video - and he implied that Beetlejuice star Michael Keaton would also be back.

"I hadn't seen her in awhile... and she was so great," he said. "I was so happy to see her. So those kinds of elements mean something to me. Michael, and her (Winona)... and that character, I just miss it, there's some freedom about that character that I love."

Michael has previously indicated that he would be keen to reprise his role in a follow-up to the supernatural comedy.

And earlier this month, Tim revealed in another interview, this time with Coming Soon: "It's a character that I love and I miss and I miss actually working with Michael. There's only one Betelgeuse.

"We're working on a script and I think it's probably closer than ever and I'd love to work with him again."


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