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Winslet comfortable with her looks

Kate Winslet says she has got over any insecurities she has had about her body and is comfortable with her imperfections.

The Hollywood star - who has occasionally had to appear naked on screen - said she has no difficulties with looking like a "real" woman and has embraced the way she looks.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, she said: "As I get older, I really don't care about what people think of me and how I look - I don't have that physical insecurity any more.

"I just don't have it. Plus I do feel very determined that if I'm called to do any level of nudity on screen, I have to look real, I have to look like a woman, I have to look like myself. The idea of that whole perfect thing makes me so crazy."

Oscar-winning Winslet found it difficult when she first had to bare all, and spent a long time coming to terms with it.

"I was completely terrified for weeks beforehand - I really was terrified," she said. "It was tormenting me, I couldn't sleep - I didn't have anybody to help me then. I really didn't.

"Once you've done it once ... It's not pornography. It's not. It's acting. It's just part of this job."

Titanic actress Winslet - who became a mother to her third child Bear in December - also told how her parents sometimes have difficulties in praising her achievements because they do not want to appear as though they think any less of her siblings.

She told the magazine, which is out now: "I'm one of four children. And both my sisters - my older sister and younger sister - they're also actresses. Although they're working, they're doing theatre or TV.

"And for my mum and dad I think it's very hard for them to express their pride in me without feeling some guilt about the others, because they want so much for them too. But they are very good at it, at remembering to say to me (and them), 'We're really proud of you'. They are really good at that, thank God."


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