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Winslet could take Bear to work

Kate Winslet has said she loved being pregnant while filming Divergent because it means her baby son Bear is in the film with her.

The Titanic star played the sci-fi adventure's villain Jeanine Matthews but had to hide her growing bump during her scenes.

The mum-of-three said: "It's great actually, he was there hiding under my coat the whole time. It's really fun and I suppose it won't be that long before he can see it.

"Mia and Joe (her two older children) can't see most of the films I've been in still now and they won't be for a long time, but little Bear will probably be able to see Divergent in 10 or 11 years' time."

She admitted she had had to find novel ways of hiding her bump on set: "Behind the clip board, behind the iPad, anything... it was very funny."

Kate, 38, said she was looking forward to not being pregnant in the sequel, which she is already signed up for.

She said: "When I had the baby we had to go back and do four days of reshoots and the baby was only about seven weeks old, and I felt much more awake.

"When you're pregnant, so many of your brain cells go to the baby that you walk around in this slight fug and I really did feel as if I was awake again, so yeah, it'll be fun to play her not pregnant this time."

Co-star Shailene Woodley, who plays lead character Tris Prior fighting against Jeanine to stop her people being killed off, said: "Kate's quite tough, pregnant or not pregnant, she's a fighter and she's strong."

Divergent is released in cinemas on April 4.


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