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Winstead: Film helped my own issues

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has revealed researching to play a recovering alcoholic in new film Smashed helped her confront some of her own problems.

The Scott Pilgrim Vs The World star plays a teacher who joins Alcoholics Anonymous in the indie film, and found she related to her character's habit of bottling up her problems.

Mary Elizabeth said: "I'm a bottler upper, which is one of the ways I could really relate to this film. I was going through my own issues and for the first time acknowledging out loud some of the stuff that I was going through.

"It definitely paralleled what Kate was going through, because I come from a very conservative family, and people who don't really talk about those things. I'm much more of a 'everything's fine, keep things sunny', kind of person and then once you start saying, 'this actually makes me unhappy', it can really start to unravel a bunch of things in your life that you haven't looked at. So I went through my own personal stuff through the film."

The 28-year-old actress also revealed she used a form or hypnosis to make herself feel drunk for the drunk scenes in the film.

"I was terrified. I'd never had to do a drunk scene before. So I sought out acting techniques to try out and I found one that worked pretty well.

"It was kind of like a sense memory thing of taking yourself through what it feels like to get drunk - almost like hypnosis in a way!

"You close your eyes and really think about what it feels like in every little minute detail and then you open your eyes and you feel really glazed over and out of it."

::Smashed is released in cinemas on Friday December 14, 2012.


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