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Wise, Thompson don't take work home

Greg Wise has revealed he and Emma Thompson don't go in for home read-throughs of their scripts because they like to keep work separate.

The Walking On Sunshine star said he and his wife didn't like to take their work home even though they can soon be seen starring together in Effie Gray.

Asked whether they practised their lines together, he explained: "No, no, no. What is it the French do? The separation of church and state, that's very important."

In the film, Greg plays Victorian art critic John Ruskin who marries teenager Effie Gray (Dakota Fanning) and Emma, who wrote the film, also stars.

Talking about how he'd found playing Ruskin, Greg said: "I don't know if enjoy is quite how I would put it. He was a very interesting man, a very strange man. He was an extraordinary man to try and get under the skin of. I had these enormous sideburns for six months as well which was rather strange."

Greg stars in Walking On Sunshine, in cinemas from June 27, and Effie Gray is due to be released in September.


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