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Witherspoon: Good Lie an eye opener

Reese Witherspoon has said her new film The Good Lie is one to show your kids to teach them about life.

The Oscar-winning actress stars as a brash American woman assigned to help four young Sudanese refugees adapt to life in the US in the film, which is based on real life events.

Reese revealed at the premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival: "It's a great film to show your kids I think. It's hard to know what you don't know, it shows you how we live in the western world through a different lens."

She added: "It was a beautiful story about these children that just overcame so much and then had the opportunity to be able to start their lives again.

She added: "And it's about family, it's about community and the script really just touched my heart."

Reese is already surrounded by awards buzz for her performances in The Good Lie and her other film which is showing at Toronto - Wild.

She said: "It's so flattering, people are so nice and I'm so lucky to be a part of a community that completely accepts me and puts their arms around me. As an actress you're always looking for great parts and I've been very lucky this year - I've had a lot of great opportunities."

Some of cast of The Good Lie were actually former refugees themselves who had fled war torn countries in Africa as children.

House Of Cards actor Corey Stoll, who also stars in the film, praised the performances of some of the cast who had never acted before.

He said: "I t's almost hard to believe that it's true - everything was thrown at these children and they survived and then they grew up and came to Amercia and had to deal with a whole other list of problems that aren't so much about survival, but a spiritual survival .

"And the fact we were working with people who went through similar circumstances and have come out the other side with such grace and positivity , was beautiful.

"They are some of the most adaptable human beings you will ever meet. To have gone through what they've gone through and be able to survive in this country, they are remarkable people.

"That ability to adapt - they just brought it to working in this film. They were not embarrassed to ask questions and admit this was new to them. And that curiosity and bravery served them incredibly well."


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