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Witherspoon: Nude scenes were scary

Reese Witherspoon has admitted it was daunting baring all on the big screen in her new film Wild.

The Oscar-winning actress plays former drug addict Cheryl Strayed, who sets off alone on a 1,100-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail in the US after losing her mum and the breakdown of her marriage, and the part called for some nude scenes.

"It was scary and challenging," Reese told E! News. "It's not just a movie about somebody walking. It's really about someone who feels profoundly hurt and lost."

The movie is based on Cheryl's book about her experiences.

Reese, 38, said of deciding to do the naked scenes: "I had to make a choice when I decided to do the film on how much I wanted to bear.

"I have a real story to tell here because Cheryl was completely honest when she wrote her book."

The movie is due out in the UK in January and there are already rumours that Reese's performance could see her walk off with another Academy Award, following her previous win for 2005's Walk The Line.

Author Cheryl said the actress was always at "the top of my list".

"Something I always felt with Reese was that no matter what character she was playing, I felt her presence," she explained.


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