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Witherspoon's War film ice-breaker

Reese Witherspoon has revealed how she made a punchy first impression on Tom Hardy for This Means War.

The Legally Blonde starlet, who takes the lead alongside Tom and Chris Pine in the action romance, had to fire a paintball at the British actor - in a delicate area.

"It was fun to shoot, although it's hard to go in on your first day of shooting and I didn't know Tom really very well. That was our first day of shooting and I had to shoot him in the crotch, which is a good ice-breaker it turns out," she told Collider.

Tom joked: "I just thought she's sexy. But paintball in the nuts hurts."

Reese admitted she enjoyed acting alongside the two hunks in the comedy, which opens in cinemas on March 2.

"This wasn't a hard job to make. It was made very easy by McG's enthusiasm, by having two amazing men in this movie that are very talented actors and very funny in their own right..." she continued.

And she wanted to do more stunts, adding: "I wish I could've done more. I kept saying to McG, 'Give me the gun. Make up a scene where I can do the guns'."


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