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Wood: Horror films equal happiness

Elijah Wood has revealed how watching old horror films makes him feel "nostalgic" - and how he saw his first scary movie aged just five.

The 32-year-old actor - known for his role in The Lord Of The Rings films and on the small screen in Wilfred, has a new production company devoted to his favourite film genre.

He said one of his favourite old school horror films is 1978 slasher classic Halloween.

"I've seen it so many times," he said in a recent interview. "The feeling that I get from the movie? It's almost like the feeling one would get from watching a Christmas movie. It made me feel happy!

"Like, I don't know if it's a sense of nostalgia I attach to the film? Maybe I've seen it so many times it feels like, you know, an old familiar record or something. But I put it on and I feel joy watching that film."

Elijah admitted he saw his first horror film at the tender age of five. "I think I've always been relatively fearless, so they never really scared me," he said.

"[The first film] was a movie called Truth Or Dare: A Critical Madness, and it was a VHS like direct-to-video horror film. Part of the reason I was excited about watching it, I remember, was I knew that I wasn't supposed to."

Elijah's own latest starring role is as a serial killer in Maniac, a film told entirely from his point of view - you see him only in his reflections or in his hands as they cross in front of the camera.

He said he found the experience to be extremely technical but also an exciting, collaborative effort. "You go into (shooting from a point of view aspect) thinking, 'It's gonna be easy. It's a single shot but you're under such intense parameters that every scene became a puzzle."

The star's new production company The Woodshed Horror Company has three movies in the works. Its first film picked up for distribution, Toad Road, was discovered at the horror film festival Nightmare City. It will hit US cinemas in October.


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