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Woody Allen had casting doubts

Woody Allen has revealed that he was initially reticent about casting Wedding Crashers stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in his new film.

The romantic comedy, Midnight In Paris, features Owen as a writer struggling to finish his first novel while on holiday in Paris with his fiance (Rachel) and her stuffy parents.

The director was unsure about reuniting the pair at first, saying: "I didn't like the fact they had worked together in a picture before.

"But I was certain I wanted Rachel. I saw her in the film and thought she was sensational. She was beautiful, sexy and funny, and I wanted to work with her."

He added: "Owen is the opposite of me. I am very New York, while he is west coast.

"He personifies that in his whole delivery. He's relaxed and is a beach lover. It gives the character a whole different dimension."

Woody, 75, said that the secret of his success over the years has been in the casting.

"The trick is to hire great people and let them do what they do. Don't interfere with them too much, and then when they're great, take credit for it," he said.

"I've done this for many years and it works like a charm."

Midnight In Paris also stars Michael Sheen and Marion Cotillard, and features a cameo from French first lady Carla Bruni. It is released in cinemas on Friday, October 7.


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