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Woody's 'wonderful' for McAdams

Woody Allen is "wonderful", according to Rachel McAdams.

The Canadian actress worked with the acclaimed filmmaker in his forthcoming romantic comedy, Midnight In Paris.

"He's wonderful, everybody knows what he's like - he puts it out there but he was great," she revealed on the red carpet at the UK premiere of Morning Glory.

She added: "It was great, it was amazing, such a great opportunity."

Rachel, who stars with Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton in her latest movie, said filming with Allen had ended, but didn't spill the beans on her character.

"I finished working with Woody just in the summer. We wrapped up in Paris," she said.

Adrien Brody, Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson and Michael Sheen also star, along with a cameo from France's 'First Lady' Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

The film is described as "a romantic comedy about a family travelling to the French capital for business, and the party includes a young engaged couple forced to confront the illusion that a life different from their own could be better."

Midnight In Paris is expected to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.


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