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Wrestler Lana says her action figure is better than Barbie

She is hoping to make a comeback to the ring.

Lana, star of women’s wrestling show Total Divas, has described her latest action figure as better than Barbie.

The American fighter and model, real name Catherine Joy Perry, said that her series of three plastic dolls, who wear simple skirt suits and have moveable joints, trump the traditional children’s toy.

“Of course she is better than Barbie,” she told the Press Association.

“There will be a new one coming out soon, possibly in my wedding outfit,” she added, referring to her televised marriage to WWE’s Rusev last year.

The show’s seventh season, which follows the personal and professional lives of champion female fighters in the US, broadcasts in the UK this week.

Lana said that watching the women in action shares its own important message about feminism.

She said: “It shows that women can do anything, whether you want to be president, senator, sports champion – but we do have to work hard, persevere and keep a positive attitude.

“I really believe that we can continue changing history, I don’t want to use the phrase ‘be equal to men’ because that makes it sound like there’s an inhibition.

“It isn’t a competition, all we need is to be given opportunities to prove that we can do anything we set our minds to.”

Lana also hinted that the new series may see her make a comeback to the ring after one of her first matches left her with a broken wrist.

Admitting that she had been apprehensive about returning, she said: “I got really scared to come back, but then I realised that I don’t want fear to dictate my life.

“I have learnt that, instead of running away from your fears, you should run into them – whether that has to do with relationships or in the ring, or anything in life.”

The new series will also come days after her co-star Nikki Bella was proposed to by her wrestler fiance at the end of a contest, months after a neck injury.

Lana said: “I snuck in to watch in the arena and I was so shocked and emotional to see her dreams coming true – last year she had a neck brace on and we didn’t even know if she would be able to wrestle again.

“I don’t think the proposal diminished her own achievement in the ring any way.

“If a woman wants to get married then that’s a beautiful thing and it adds to our dreams, it doesn’t take away from them.”

Total Divas returns to E! UK on Sunday.


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