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Wright: Film cast wowed by Brosnan

Edgar Wright has revealed that the cast of The World's End were starstruck by Pierce Brosnan.

The former James Bond star makes a cameo as drama teacher Guy Shepherd in the final instalment of the Cornetto trilogy, alongside returning co-stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

"It's a funny thing: sometimes if you're a kid and you go to a pub and you see a teacher from school in the pub, you get sort of strangely starstruck that there's a guy you know from school, so we wanted it to feel like that," the film's director and writer said.

"It's like the characters are starstruck by Mr Shepherd, their drama teacher, being in the pub, but there's also an element where our actors are starstruck by Pierce Brosnan."

The filmmaker said Pierce was a dream to work with.

"He was great; really good fun and very sweet because he was flattered that we'd thought of him, but he's actually a great presence. He's got such an amazing voice and as he appears in the movie as a figure of authority, he's somebody to be trusted," he said.

Edgar joked that they should have got former 007 star Roger Moore to appear in the second film of the trilogy, Shaun Of The Dead, following Pierce's cameo in The World's End and Timothy Dalton's part in Hot Fuzz.

"For the timeline to work, Roger Moore really should have been in Shaun Of The Dead - we could have had Moore in Shaun, (Timothy) Dalton in Hot Fuzz and (Pierce) Brosnan in The World's End," he said.

:: The World's End is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now.


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