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X Factor couple split before audition

A couple who broke off their engagement three days before their X Factor audition will be seen braving the judges and audience in tonight’s show.

The two 19-year-olds, called Combined Effort, explained that the relationship was called off after a series of rows.

Group member Jack was booed by the audience when he said he had dumped his ex-fiancee Kirsty — and he broke down in tears mid-song.

“We used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but we broke up three days ago,” Kirsty told the judges in Cardiff.

“Basically, we weren't really getting on that well, just a lot of stupid arguments about nothing,” said her ex, Jack.

“We'd argue about not washing the dishes, or me going out, him going out — all sorts of stupid things.

“I'm not worried that the break-up will affect our performance, we're just good together. Well, we were.”

Looking at Jack, Kirsty chipped in: “Well, we still are, in a different way.”

Jack was rounded on by the audience after being asked by judge Simon Cowell who broke the engagement off. He replied: “I ended it,” and was promptly booed.

Jack explained: “Well, I tried to do it nice as I could.

“I'd rather have her as a friend in my life than not at all.”

Kirsty said she was comfortable working with her ex, saying: “We were best friends before we were engaged, and that's not changed, and we're still as good friends as we always were.”

The pair began singing the Starship hit Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, and while Jack broke down Kirsty carried on.

But they managed to sing the chorus together — to cheers from the audience.

A potential new heart-throb — 16-year-old student Lloyd from South Wales — battled his nerves as he took centre stage.

“I am nervous, singing in front of four judges and 2,000 people today,” he admitted, “so I just hope it doesn't show in my performance”.

Breaking into the Jason Mraz song I'm Yours, Lloyd hit a few bum notes.

The X Factor airs on ITV1 tonight at 7.35pm, followed by The Xtra Factor at 8.35pm on ITV2

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