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X Factor twins John and Edward in final six

John and Edward GrimesX Factor finalists at the Park Royal Studios, London
John and Edward GrimesX Factor finalists at the Park Royal Studios, London
John and Edward Grimes X Factor finalists at the Park Royal Studios, London
Dannii Minogue
One of the acts facing the scrutiny of judges Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell in the new X Factor series
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X Factor judge Danii Minogue was forced to apologise publicly after causing outrage by outing contestant Danyl Johnson as bi-sexual on live TV
Judges Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell in the new X Factor series
John and Edward Grimes
This person gets kicked out of X Factor. GRAB FROM ITV
John and Edward
Simon Cowell
Kandy Rain: Kandy Rain are another all-girl group from London
John and Edward: The spiky-haired Grimes brothers are from Dublin
Danyl Johnson: The 27-year-old dance teacher from Reading works at a boys prep school
Jamie Archer: The 33-year-old musician has been gigging for over eight years
Joseph McElderry: The 18-year-old student from South Shields started singing a few years ago
Lloyd Daniels Welshman Lloyd (16) started singing when he was five by entering a karaoke competition
Lucie Jones: The 18-year-old student has just finished her A-Levels
Miss Frank: Graziella Affinita, Shaniece Davis and Shar Alexandra are the three Londoners who make up the all-girl group
Olly Murs: Olly, 25, from Essex
Rachel Adedeji: The 17-yearold student attended stage school from the age of two
Rikki Loney: The 21-year-old Glaswegian singer has previously auditioned in series one, two and five
Stacey Solomon: The 19-year-old Essex mum had never made it past the first audition stage

Jedward fans were in rhapsody last night as their idols breezed through another round of the X Factor thanks to the public vote.

John and Edward Grimes were spared a repeat of last week’s results show when they were in the bottom two and controversially saved by judge — and Jedward nemesis — Simon Cowell.

Instead it was the 33-year-old singer Jamie Archer who got the boot last night after ending up in the bottom two with cherubic teen Lloyd Daniels.

Judges Cheryl Cole, Louise Walsh, Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell were split on who to send home so Jamie went as he’d received the least number of votes from the public.

Resplendent in silver lame suits, their quiffs restored to their normal glory, John and Edward sang the falsetto ‘Galileo! Galileo’ phrase in a group performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with help from Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor.

And all 12 finalists were reunited to perform this year’s X Factor charity single, a cover of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone, to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. But the twins’ singing role in the single seemed limited.

On Saturday night’s Queen-themed show the twins performed Queen/David Bowie’s Under Pressure with aplomb — and even had the showbiz sang froid to keep singing during an unexpected stage invasion by pop star Calvin Harris.

Meanwhile, Irish fans of the X Factor are finding a way of keeping their favourite sons in the competition, which officially only accepts votes from UK residents. is a cheaper alternative to the X Factor's premium-rate voting line — and its chief executive Mark Hillman told The Mail on Sunday up to 12% of the 50,000 voters who have used from the service are Irish.

Edward Boddington of Harvest Media, which is running the official X Factor voting line, said that as well as being a breach of the rules, the service was “likely to distort the voting patterns in favour of those contestants or judges that have an association with Ireland”.

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