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Yelchin: film is truth about love

Anton Yelchin believes the 'honesty' at the centre of his new movie Like Crazy is key to the film's success.

The 22-year-old plays an American man trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with his English girlfriend in the film, which attracted early Oscar hype after winning awards at Sundance.

Speaking at the film's Los Angeles premiere, the actor said: "It's not melodramatic, it's not saccharine, I think it just tries to be as honest as possible about the process of love.

"It doesn't talk down to the audience, I think it's trying to be as honest as possible."

Like Crazy, which also stars Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence, is a largely unscripted, low-budget project helmed by director Drake Doremus.

And Anton, who previously starred in Fright Night and Star Trek, said he relished the opportunity to hone his improvisational skills.

He said: "I jumped at the chance to do something like that because it's an extraordinary opportunity."


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