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Zac Efron confirms New Year’s Eve role

Zac Efron has confirmed he will appear alongside Michelle Pfeiffer in the sequel to Valentine’s Day.

The Hollywood heartthrob has joined the star studded cast for New Year’s Eve and it has been suggested he could share some steamy scenes with Michelle. Zac revealed he will begin work on the project soon and is thrilled to be involved in the romantic comedy.

"I'm starting a movie in a couple of weeks called New Year's Eve, with Garry Marshall," he confirmed at the Golden Globe Awards. "It's got a great cast.

"I can tell you that all my scenes are with Michelle Pfeiffer. I'm very excited."

Zac, 23, is refusing to give too much away about his character in the film.

When quizzed on whether he will lock lips with 52-year-old Michelle he smiled and replied, “I am not going to say”.

It has been reported Michelle will play a corporate secretary who is desperately trying to fulfil all her resolutions before the clock turns midnight.

Other names linked to New Year’s Eve include Robert De Niro, Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin and Sienna Miller.

Lea can’t wait to start shooting her debut movie and says she will be kissing one of her co-stars, but refused to reveal who the lucky man is. The actress – who shot to fame in American television show Glee – confessed she has admired the hunk for years and it will be a struggle to remain professional when she films the romantic scenes.

If I would've told my teenager self [who], I would've have freaked out," Lea revealed. "I'm just gonna block it out and pretend like he's not who he is."

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