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Zach shocked by Hangover 2 scenes

Zach Galifianakis has admitted that even he is shocked by some of the content of The Hangover 2.

The comedian is currently filming the sequel to director Todd Phillips' hit comedy, about a group of men whose stag party in Las Vegas goes terribly wrong after they party too hard.

Zach said: "I think what's good with Todd Phillips is he keeps surprising and shocking the audience. We're doing the Hangover 2 and it's SO embarrassing. It's good, but I can't believe what we're filming. It's crazy."

Todd said: "It's going great. We're in the middle of shooting it - we'll be done around Christmas. It comes out at the end of May in the States probably here too and we're really excited about it.

"We're going to make a movie that lives up to the first one I promise you that."

In Todd's new film Due Date, Robert Downey Jr an plays uptight architect Peter, who is forced to hitch a lift across America with eccentric aspiring actor Ethan, played by Zach, in order to get home in time for the birth of his first child.

The character of Peter experiences a lot of misfortune in the film, and Todd revealed he and Zach had set out to make the role tough on Robert.

He said: "Me and Zach just thought 'Let's just find a really world class actor and let's just f*** with him'."

:: Due Date is out in cinemas on November 5.


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