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Zoe Hardman on ‘rough’ pregnancy as she introduces baby son Kit

The Heart FM DJ has shared her little bundle of joy with the world.


Zoe Hardman gave birth to her second child Kit (Ian West/PA)

Zoe Hardman gave birth to her second child Kit (Ian West/PA)

Zoe Hardman gave birth to her second child Kit (Ian West/PA)

Radio DJ and TV presenter Zoe Hardman has told of how she turned to self-hypnosis techniques during her second pregnancy following the trauma of her first birth.

Hardman gave birth to her second child, son Kit, in late April, less than two years after welcoming daughter Luna.

Introducing her new-born, Hardman told Hello! magazine: “The first time around I was a smug pregnant lady saying ‘this is easy’, until the birth.”

The 35-year-old broadcaster, who is married to rugby player Paul Doran Jones, went through a 19-hour birth with Luna in September 2016, and had a forceps delivery without the help of effective pain relief.

She said she needed the meditative sessions of hypnobirthing – which teaches self-hypnosis methods for controlling pain in labour – to help overcome her anxiety.

Hardman said her second pregnancy was “so rough”, and that the “hypnobirthing sessions really reset me”.

Using Doran Jones’s nickname Dozza, she added: “I came back from my class and said to Dozza, ‘I feel like I’m getting there, this is going to be a new birth, a new baby’, and I was really calm going into it this time.”

“I had an epidural and I called it at the right moment, I wasn’t too late like the last time round.

“And by about five past midnight Kit was born.”

The Heart FM DJ and former Take Me Out: The Gossip host added: “The staff at The Royal Surrey were so kind and supportive. I was so grateful, we are lucky to have the NHS.”

Doran Jones said: “I find it bizarre that women have all these opinions on childbirth, there is a lot of judgment. It should be each to their own, you have to do whatever works for you, it’s such a personal choice.

“But why would you go through all that pain when you don’t have to?”

Hello! magazine is out now.