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NI actor Conleth Hill 'inconsolable' after Game of Thrones final season

This story contains major spoilers

Conleth Hill
Conleth Hill

David O'Dornan

Actor Conleth Hill has admitted he was “hurt” that his character Varys was killed off so close to the epic series finale of Game Of Thrones.

The Ballycastle-born star de­scribed being “inconsolable” when his role as the gossip-mon­gering eunuch came to a grisly end, being roasted to death by a dragon.

Hill (54) said: “I was so de­pressed to find out Varys was be­ing killed off. Storywise, it was a brilliant decision and it was a great way to go.

“But I was inconsolable at the time we filmed it. I didn’t think Varys would be powerful or on the throne or anything like that. But personally, it still hurt.”

He had played the ‘Master of Whisperers’ part since the global blockbuster series began in 2011 and next week will see it reach its conclusion.

American-born Peter Din­klage, who plays Tyrion Lannis­ter, said he had found the end of the show difficult for another reason — because of the memo­ries made while filming here.

The 49-year-old said: “It’s pretty heartbreaking because I had a great role in a great show. Many of us moved to North­ern Ireland to shoot Game Of Thrones. My children even went to school there.

“People met, married and broke up on that show. It’s really hard to say goodbye. We filmed it for nine years, so you dig your feet deep in the local community.

“In that sense, it wasn’t just a show, it was a life for a lot of people.”

And Kit Harington, who stars as leading man Jon Snow, said that despite filming at exotic lo­cations around the world, the Belfast set was the best.

He said: “The Throne Room, that’s my favourite set. You get a chill when you look at the throne.”

He also told TV & Satellite magazine that his most memo­rable series was the second one, as it led to his marriage.

“It has to be season two be­cause that’s when I met my wife Rose (Leslie, who played Jon’s wildling lover Ygritte),” he added.

Meanwhile, Jerome Flynn had been best known for TV show Soldier Soldier and a spin-off singing career with co-star Rob­son Green before landing his role as Bronn, and ad­mitted it revived his career.

He said: “I hadn’t been on screen for 10 years. My agent was like: ‘There’s this thing’. I happened to be in town, and it happened. It’s so incredible to be part of it.”

And John Bradley, who acts the part of Samwell Tarly, gave a guarantee that the climax will leave fans as sat­isfied as the cast were.

He said: “You hear about all those legend­ary shows with slightly weak endings, so when I first read it, I was just relieved that we wer­en’t going to be ashamed of this ending.

“We were going to be really proud of it.”

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