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Nicole Kidman 'would love to move to Belfast' after experience filming in Northern Ireland


Nicole Kidman (Matt Crossick/PA)

Nicole Kidman (Matt Crossick/PA)

Nicole Kidman (Matt Crossick/PA)

Oscar winning actor Nicole Kidman has said she would love to move to Belfast after her experience filming in Northern Ireland.

The Australian star is set to appear as Queen Gudrin in the upcoming Viking revenge epic ‘The Northman’ which was filmed in Northern Ireland last year.

In an interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Kidman spoke of falling in love with Belfast despite visiting during a pandemic.

“I was shooting in Belfast, I love Belfast now,” she said.

“The weirdest thing is I’m in Belfast and I’m like... ‘maybe we should move here,’ I’m that sort of person.

“I’m in Belfast going ‘this place is really special.’ There’s something about it, I was just drawn.

“I have Irish blood, my family came over to Australia in 1839 on the SS Susan as free settlers.”

On the experience of filming during a pandemic, she had told director Robert Eggers (The Lighthouse) she was initially “terrified” to make the journey to Northern Ireland.

“One because it’s a pandemic and flying into the middle of a lockdown to work on a film,” she said.

“Also just grateful to be doing the work... this is so important and that’s why I went because... one, I didn’t want to let down a huge production and two, I want to work with these people.

“And if we can do it with safety, how fantastic and we did”.

She added with a laugh: “The film is finished and I’m moving to Belfast.”

On working with co-star Ethan Hawke (Training Day) in Northern Ireland, she added: “He played my King, I’m now crazy about Ethan. He was always a great actor, but just personally what a great guy and so much knowledge.”

The all-star cast also includes Icelandic popstar Bjork, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit) as well as Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood).

Filming locations have included Helen’s Tower Wood in Co Down, the Mourne Mountains, Larne as well as the Inishowen peninsula in Co Donegal.

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