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Cafe Society: Exuberant meditation on breaking hearts

By Damon Smith

Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) works for his jeweller father Marty (Ken Stott) in New York City,but he yearns for a life of excitement and adventure to rival his brother Ben (Corey Stoll), who is a gangster.

So Bobby bids farewell to his mother Rose (Jeannie Berlin) and heads to the west coast to seek employment with his uncle Phil (Steve Carell), a high-ranking talent agent.

In order to help his nephew ease into the ebb and flow of Los Angeles, Phil asks his beautiful secretary Veronica aka Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) to look after Bobby. Her kindness kindles an attraction for Bobby, but Vonnie politely rebuffs his advances because she already has a boyfriend. As the relationship deepens, Bobby learns the truth about Vonnie's partner and issues an ultimatum that could send him scurrying back to New York City.

Cafe Society is an exuberant, if familiar meditation on affairs of the soon-to-be-broken heart.

Three stars

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