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DVD: Going Postal, Jon Jones, (12)

DVD/Blu-ray (182mins)

Reviewed by Ben Walsh

Everyone appears to be having a blast in this good-looking and pleasingly silly Sky adaptation of one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.

Richard Coyne plays the con artist Moist von Lipwig saved from a hanging by Lord Vetinari (Charles Dance), who offers the unctuous wretch the chance to run a ramshackle post office.

His staff consists of a buffoonish deputy (Andrew Sachs, channelling the late Lionel Jeffries), a pin-obsessed clerk ("he's a bit return to sender") and a golum. Together they revive the postal service. You don't have to know too much about Discworld (As Sachs once maintained, I know nothing) to enjoy this spirited and droll story of redemption.

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