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DVD: Merlin: Series 3 (PG)

Reviewed by Ben Walsh

Back in the dark ages, Noel Edmonds and his pink pal Blobby ruled Saturday evening TV.

Thank, sweet King Arthur, this is no longer the case, with Merlin and Dr Who proving enjoyable alternatives. The BBC's sword-and-sorcery hokum benefits hugely from the chemistry between Colin Morgan, endearing as the young sorcerer, and Richard Wilson as his wise mentor, Gaius. Now into its third series, and Katie McGrath's delectable witch, Morgana, is now all bad, assisted by Emilia Fox's wicked Morgause. The plots are rather predictable – they usually involve Merlin or Gaius losing favour with the cruel king (Anthony Head) – but the action is well orchestrated, the script witty and the acting committed.

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