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DVD: The Edge of Darkness (15)

Reviewed by Ben Walsh

Mel Gibson's devoted cop daddy goes on the rampage when his 23-year-old "activist" daughter is blasted on his porch.

He seeks retribution. Mel does this sort of avenger role ( see Ransom, Payback, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart etc) in his sleep, indeed, he seems to be nodding off in Martin Campbell's heavy-handed remake of the BBC's excellent Eighties political thriller, which had a haunted Bob Peck in the lead role. But it all turns really silly when Ray Winstone's "consultant in security" pops up, mumbling in an underground car park. About as subtle as Tina Turner's hair in Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome, this lacks the original's intellectual heft and gut-wrenching sadness.

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