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DVD: Toy Story 3 (U)

Reviewed by David Lister

Bret Easton Ellis, the author of American Psycho, was among those who took to Twitter to broadcast the fact that they had cried at the denouement of this animation.

And there's no denying that this third instalment of the Toy Story series is as affecting as it is funny, philosophical, suspenseful and, at times, scary.

The film charts the rite of passage of both the toys and their owner, Andy, as he leaves his childhood and lifelong toy companions behind to go to college. Woody, Buzz and co are taken to be playthings at a children's day care centre, treated mercilessly by both the kids and the resident play things, and plan their escape from the cruel and emotionally damaged toys who keep them prisoner, guarded by a truly terrifying toy monkey.

All the beloved characters and their film star voices are present, with the hilarious addition of a fashion-obsessed Ken for his Barbie. Let's hope that this Toy Story will be the last, not because animators and writers have run out of ideas, but because the climax deserves its finality.

The last scene – when Andy is reunited with his toys before departing for college, only to lovingly hand them over to a small child, complete with a heartfelt description of why each is dear to him – is one of the classic scenes in cinema history. Even if you don't actually cry, you will stifle a sob.

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