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Eddie The Eagle review: This leap of faith a delight

By Damon Smith

Since he was a boy, Eddie (Taron Egerton) has driven his father Terry (Keith Allen) to distraction with a burning desire to compete in the Olympics. He discovers a loophole in the rulebook that would allow him to become Britain's first representative at the Winter Olympics in the ski jump since 1929.

Loosely based on Eddie Edwards' remarkable story of triumph against gravity, Eddie The Eagle is an unabashedly crowd-pleasing delight for all ages.

Egerton brings a sweetness to his plucky fish out of water, while screenwriters Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton don't let the truth get in the way of telling a good yarn.

Director Dexter Fletcher's light touch concentrates on the camaraderie between an underdog and his trainer, who defied the naysayers to prove that anything is possible when you take a leap of faith.

Four stars

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