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Girls Trip review: Ladies go wild down in New Orleans


By Damon Smith

Sugar and spice and all things nice - that's not what the girls in director Malcolm D Lee's raucous comedy are made of.

Indeed, the central quartet of fun-loving forty-somethings are more likely to smear the ingredients of the 19th century nursery rhyme over their naked body parts, or chug them down with absinthe.

Girls Trip performs a brazen gender-flip on The Hangover and dispenses four friends to New Orleans to make embarrassing memories they can laugh about for the rest of their lives.

Scriptwriters Kenya Harris and Tracy Oliver don't spare the characters' blushes, including one delirious sequence involving a deluge of bodily fluids that gives new meaning to raining on someone's parade.

The ace in the film's hole is comedian Tiffany Haddish, who blows all of her co-stars off the screen with a virtuoso performance reminiscent of Melissa McCarthy's turn in Bridesmaids.

Girls Trip is a delirious guilty pleasure.

Three stars

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