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God's Own Country: Yorkshire take on Brokeback Mountain


By Damon Smith

Shot on location in West Yorkshire, writer-director Francis Lee's heartbreaking love story is drawing comparisons to Brokeback Mountain for its tenderly observed coupling of a disenchanted farmer's son and a Romanian migrant worker.

John Saxby (Josh O'Connor) bears the heavy burden of running his family's farm now that his father Martin (Ian Hart) is partially paralysed following a stroke.

John's grandmother Deirdre (Gemma Saxby) tends to Martin and puts food on the table while John carries out the various daily chores and then drowns his sorrows to excess at the local pub.

Adding to his woes, John is wrestling with his sexuality and he engages in sexual encounters with local men, without any emotional engagement.

As the lambing season approaches, Martin hires a casual worker, Gheorghe Ionescu (Alec Secareanu), to help John repair damage to a stone wall. The two men bed down in an old outhouse and sparks of passion fly.

Three stars

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