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Going in Style review: Pensioners steeled for action


By Damon Smith

Joe (Michael Caine), Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Albert (Alan Arkin) are lifelong friends, who all worked for the same steel company and are now mellowing in retirement.

Willie and Albert are housemates and live across the street from Joe, his daughter Rachel (Maria Dizzia) and spunky granddaughter Brooklyn (Joey King).

During a meeting between Joe and his unsympathetic bank manager (Josh Pais), three armed men walk into the branch and steal $1.6m dollars.

Soon after, their old employer announces it is freezing company pensions. Joe is apoplectic - without the money, he will lose his home - and decides to rob the Williamsburg Savings Bank, which is managing the liquidation of the pension fund.

Going In Style is a resolutely old-fashioned yet charming comedy of men behaving badly in direct response to corporate greed.

Three stars

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