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Music & Movies: Inspiratins for Good Vibrations

Joe Nawaz

A LEISURELY meander through the music and movies that informed Northern Irish punk biopic Good Vibrations was as bespoke a Sunday experience as soluble aspirin and pub lunches.

Writers Glenn Patterson and Colin Carberry weren't so much grilled, as lightly toasted on the variety of sources and inspirations behind the best film "we've" ever coughed up in these parts. Host Joe Lindsay guided the film's authors through some personal movie and music choices, which threw up some interesting revelations.

Did you know that the closing track on the movie, David Bowie's Star, was donated for next to nothing by the thin white duke, after he'd been sent some GV footage – though presumably not the scenes with Adrian Dunbar's 'Wiggy' Stardust impersonation.

Fascinating too were the parallel universe speculations of the magic realist extravaganza that the movie might have been if, as Carberry put it, the writers hadn't had a "bucket of cold budget" thrown over them.

At its heart of course was the man Hooley and the anecdotes pertaining to his own childlike wonder at witnessing a movie of his life unfolding. It warmed QFT cockles and had the Sunday audience leaving with a headful of music and moving pictures to further investigate.

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