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Logan review: A truly fitting finale for iconic X-Man


By Damon Smith

Logan (Hugh Jackman) lives on a ranch in the desert caring for ailing Prof Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who is prone to violent psychic seizures which paralyse humans and mutants alike.

A nurse called Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez) contacts Logan and offers him $50,000 to drive a mysterious girl called Laura (Dafne Keen) to 'a place up north' called Eden. The child is a vital link to a new generation of mutants and is being pursued by Transigen head surgeon Dr Zander Rice (Richard E Grant).

Logan hits the road, with Prof Xavier and Laura, as the Transigens chase them in hot pursuit.

Logan is a grim and explosively violent swansong to one of the most iconic characters in the X-Men universe. Strong performances from Jackman and Stewart, coupled with a sparkling film debut for 11-year-old Keen, ensure a fitting send-off.

Four stars

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