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Loving review: Fight for a relationship changes history

By Damon Smith

Construction worker Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) falls giddily in love with family friend Mildred Jeter (Ruth Negga).

When she falls pregnant, the couple decide to marry. Forbidden from consummating their relationship in Virginia, Richard and Mildred drive to Washington DC and return home with a marriage licence, which they proudly display on the wall of their home.

Sheriff Brooks (Marton Csokas) arrives soon after with his deputies and arrests the Lovings.

They are eventually released, but the couple must publicly keep their distance. Nonetheless, the couple narrowly avoids a one-year stint behind bars by agreeing that they will not return to Virginia together for 25 years.

The case eventually attracts the interest of American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Bernie Cohen (Nick Kroll) and trailblazing civil rights lawyer Phil Hirschkop (Jon Bass).

Meanwhile, freelance photographer Grey Villet (Michael Shannon) is commissioned to capture an intimate portrait of the Lovings' home life for TIME magazine.

Loving sensitively recreates a battle for justice waged by two quietly spoken people, who changed the course of history.

Four stars

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