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Maudie review: Canadian artist draws on fighting spirit


By Damon Smith

Director Aisling Walsh's moving drama paints a dignified portrait of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, who weathered agonising rheumatoid arthritis as she shared her vision of the world in brightly coloured paintings.

Filmed on location in Ireland and Newfoundland, Maudie celebrates the endurance of one indefatigable human spirit in a bitterly cold, tumbledown shack at the mercy of the elements.

Sally Hawkins is extraordinary in the demanding title role.

It's a transformative performance reminiscent of Daniel Day-Lewis' stellar work in My Left Foot, capturing the artist's dignity and determination as her physical state deteriorates.

When the Oscar nominations are announced early next year, it will be a travesty if she isn't among the five names in the hotly contested race for Best Actress In A Leading Role.

Four stars

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