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Me Before You: Stars' chemistry saves this tearjerker

By Damon Smith

William Traynor (Sam Claflin) is a handsome high-flyer in London left paralysed after an accident. He returns to his ancestral home under the care of his parents, Steven (Charles Dance) and Camilla (Janet McTeer), and relinquishes his lust for life. In order to raise his spirits, the Traynors advertise for a companion for their son and misfit Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) answers the call.

An unlikely friendship threatens to blossom into romance, but Louisa has a fitness-obsessed boyfriend (Matthew Lewis).

Me Before You is a tear-stained romance that addresses the morally complex issue of assisted suicide in the most inoffensive and simplistic terms.

Despite the manifold failings of the script, Clarke and Claflin kindle sparks of on-screen chemistry that compel us to root for them, even when common sense tells us the relationship is destined to end in anguish.

Three stars

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