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Paranormal Activity - reader review

By Mike Bradford

Our greatest fear is the fear of the unknown.

That is why many horror movies fall flat on their faces; because they play too much on one fear and the whole plot ends up turning into a farce. I’m citing both parts of ‘The Descent’, ‘Sorority Row’ and many other recent so-called horrors which have just become generic ‘slasher’ flicks. However, fear of the unknown encompasses all fears and is one of the most effective to portray, yet one of the most infrequently used.

The day of the film arrived and I looked into my pants to discover a pair of balls. Newly equipped, I set off to see the film that has been dubbed the new ‘Blair Witch Project’.

It’s amazing to see what director Oren Peli has done with a budget of £15000. The whole film revolves around an everyday house, a demonic presence and a couple in need of a mercy killing.

The plot runs as such; Micah and Katie are a young couple and Katie believes her house is haunted. The ever-sceptical Micah decides to set up a camera in their bedroom to find out what really goes on at night. It isn’t long until the video footage reveals a very unpleasant secret which will leave you cowering in your seats.

Imagine staring at a computer screen, trying to focus really hard on something you can’t quite make out when suddenly a terrifying image appears on the screen for a split second. You scream, jump and cry all in that order because by the time you collect yourself, whatever it was that scared you has gone...but not for long. That is exactly what this film does and it is extremely effective at delivering quick cut psychological wounds. It keeps you on tenterhooks right until the end and will re-awaken those fears you had of the dark when you were younger.

Some necessities for this film: take a change of trousers, underwear and deodorant. Do not purchase popcorn or beverages or any hot food and certainly do not sit in the vicinity of anyone who has done – you will most likely end up wearing them.

This edge-of-your-seat-then-under-your-seat supernatural thriller is just the adrenaline fuelled rush you need before the Christmas break so get along and see it. Just take a friend!

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