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Quarantine (18, 89 mins)

By Una Bradley

Only horror aficionados should take a risk on this ... based on the Spanish cult horror flick REC, it’s directed by John Erick Dowdle and contains so much shaky camerawork it makes Blair Witch Project look like a still-life.

Reporter Angela Vidal (Carpenter) is doing a fly-on-the-wall report at an LA fire station, shadowing some burly firefighters for the evening. But when the team responds to a call-out, they find themselves trapped in an apartment building, where a virulent virus is doing the rounds.

Victim after victim manages to bite and infect other casualties, all to a backdrop of rising hysteria and paranoia.

The authorities are determined to keep the building sealed off — hence the title — so we have the ridiculous scenario of people trying to escape through windows, only to be shot by snipers.

Our heroine watches aghast as all around her fall prey, including her camerman Scott (Harris), whom she watches through night-vision, desperately trying to remain invisible in the dark. It’s not really that surprising, however, when the camera is dropped and the last shot we see is of Angela being dragged off into said darkness, screaming blood-curdlingly in vain ... consider yourself warned.

Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, Columbus Short, Jay Hernandez

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