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Room review: A kidnapping with a twist in the tale

Room (15, 118 mins)

Five-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his mother Ma (Brie Larson) are held captive in a single room by a man she calls Old Nick (Sean Bridgers).

When Jack reaches his fifth birthday Ma decides to tell him of the reality of their situation and hatches a plan to allow them to escape. Ma, who was kidnapped when she was 17, trains her son to play dead so that their captor will take him out to be buried.

On the way he flees and Old Nick is detained. Mother and son eventually are reunited with her parents but Jack struggles to adjust to his new life, speaking only to his mother and showing a desire to return to the room.

The publicity surrounding the pair's captivity and release has a detrimental effect on Ma who later attempts suicide. Jack, meanwhile, begins to enjoy the normal life of a child including meeting other children and forming a close relationship with his grandparents.

But always in the background is the desire to revisit the room one last time.

Four stars

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