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Sherlock Holmes - reader review

By Mike Bradford

I’m quite a fan of Guy Ritchie’s. His famous releases so far would be Lock Stock, Snatch and Rock ‘n’ Rolla. Snatch and Lock Stock were storming successes, however many people viewed Rock ‘n’ Rolla as a disappointment (I personally liked it).

Therefore, coming off the back of that movie, Ritchie had all to play for in winning back the faith of the movie-going public. This he did by brilliantly re-vamping an old and much-loved franchise.

The first of this series sees Holmes (Downey Jnr) go up against the mysterious Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) whilst he also deals with Watson (Jude Law) moving out of their shared apartment. Meanwhile, Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams) an old love interest of Holmes’ is back in town with an agenda of her own.

I’m pretty positive that this could be the new Lethal Weapon; a buddy cop action/comedy – jut without Danny Glover’s lisping and Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism. Holmes and Watson constantly bicker in a petty way that only the best of friends can manage:

Watson - “And wear a jacket.”

Holmes - “You wear a jacket!”.

This is also apparent in the hostility and rivalry that is exposed between Holmes and Mary, Watson’s fiancée.

Whilst some may wish that Strong’s Blackwood was more menacing and evil, the rest of the main cast deliver their parts perfectly. Officer Lestrade provides a firm grasp of the obvious and deals surprisingly well with Holmes’ constant jibes. Personally, I wished he had been played by Stephen Graham but Eddie Marsan ably stakes his claim as the detective duo’s contact in the official arm of the law.

Finally, if anyone offers you “Meat or Potatoes?”, always choose ‘potatoes’. As you will see, nobody wants to face Dredger. It is my hope that a similar standard of henchmen will be maintained by Guy Ritchie in the sequels. And if you’re wondering where on earth Moriarty is in all this business, don’t worry, he cameos; and whilst he remains unseen, all the rumour are saying that he will be played by Brad Pitt. One can only hope so.

Don’t miss this movie! Certainly make it part of your collection. “The game is afoot”!

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