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Shut In review: Something about Mary's log cabin


By Damon Smith

Psychologist Mary Portman (Naomi Watts) has escaped nightmarish memories of the past, and the accident which claimed her husband’s life, by relocating to a cabin in the woods with her paralysed son, Steven (Charlie Heaton). She continues to see patients in an outbuilding, while caring for Steven.

Local man Doug Hart (David Cubitt) tries to secure a date with her, but she is resistant to opening her broken heart.

A session with a troubled child goes badly and the boy vanishes. Soon after, Mary gets the feeling someone is in her home, watching her every move. Trapped inside with Steven, Mary begins to question her sanity as she searches for an intruder.

Shut In is a generic psychological thriller, which imagines a life or death battle for survival during a snow storm.

Two stars

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