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Sing Street review: Teen tale really hits the right note

By Damon Smith

Set in 1985 Dublin, Sing Street is a charming coming-of-age story that unfolds though the eyes of sensitive teenager Conor and his brothers in musical arms.

Robert (Aidan Gillen) and his wife Penny (Maria Doyle Kennedy) reluctantly tighten their purse strings, to the chagrin of their children Brendan (Jack Reynor), Ann (Kelly Thornton) and Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo).

Fifteen-year-old Conor transfers to a boys' school, where he befriends red-haired outcast, Darren (Ben Carolan). Together, they form a band called Sing Street and rope in some of the local kids including Eamon (Mark McKenna), Ngig (Percy Chamburuka) and duo Larry (Conor Hamilton) and Garry (Karl Rice).

Writer-director John Carney conjures lovely scenes like Conor and his siblings dancing around a bedroom to the Hall and Oates classic Maneater, while their parents argue downstairs.

Carney's script delicately touches upon themes of sexual abuse, domestic violence and adultery, counterbalancing the lead characters' exuberance with harsh life lessons.

Four stars

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