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Still review: Redemption saga has us guessing to the end

Still, Queen's Fim Theatre, Belfast

Still, the debut feature from writer-director Simon Blake, is never what you think it is.

One minute, it's a domestic drama; the next, a cop thriller; and then, it's one of those movies where a damaged lead character is redeemed by a youth in need of a father figure.

That lead is played by Game of Thrones' Aidan Gillen, whose photographer Tom Carver is just about holding things together following his son's death.

His self-pitying, alcoholic snapper becomes more unhinged by the minute, as a local street gang, led by rapper Sonny Green, whom he has supposedly wronged, close in. If Still never quite takes the expected turn into Death Wish territory, there are some overly neat plot twists and an ending that wants to have it every which way.

But if you can stomach a 97-minute concoction of boozing, drug use, sexual assault, stabbings and dead cats left on doorsteps, set to a jazz-cum-techno soundtrack, Still is a worthy piece of work.

Three stars

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