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Ted 2 review: It's time for this cuddly bear to retire

By Staff Reporter

In 2012, writer-director Seth MacFarlane's mismatched buddy comedy Ted was a surprise hit. Man's best friend wasn't a dog after all.

It was a potty-mouthed, talking teddy with a penchant for beer, bongs and scantily clad ladies.

Sadly, the bear necessities of modern life don't stretch to a second film because Ted 2 is padded with as much fluff as the huggable hero.

The sequel is a vast improvement on MacFarlane's previous film, A Million Ways To Die In The West, but even root canal treatment would be preferable to a repeat viewing of that tumbleweed spoof. The sweetness and romance, which distinguished the original Ted, have been diluted to the point of blandness here.

A climactic set piece at a pop culture convention is an unsightly mess.

Direction plods without any urgency and politically incorrect, gross-out interludes are laced with malice.

Between the frequent yawns, MacFarlane conjures moments of magic.

New love interest Amanda Seyfried's brilliant a cappella rendition of "Mean Ol' Moon" is one, and a bizarre, yet hilarious cameo by Ballymena actor Liam Neeson is another - but these are fleeting.

Two stars

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